Skyline Professional

Take Skyline Lite to the next level with bespoke module configuration
Skyline Professional


Empower your business with tailored software solutions
Empower your business with tailored software solutions.

Skyline Professional takes Skyline Lite to the next level using the core E2E software suite in its modular form and adding configurability to your specific business process, implemented through our 6 core modules and underpinned by our experienced business analyst team.

Skyline Professional is the right tool set for the service company with growth ambitions that want E2E visibility.

Each Key Module delivers industry-leading tools, providing staff and businesses everything they need to optimise efficiency and ensure your customers enjoy the best possible service. Skyline is a cloud-based system stored safely on our servers meaning no installation is required. Providing you have an Internet connection you can access your system 24/7 from anywhere without compromising security.

As Skyline was designed as a generic job handling system, it can be used in any industry although this does not mean it has limited functionality.

Different job types, product types etc. can be handled individually, following their own processes, displaying only relevant fields and producing pertinent analysis and documentation.
Skyline is successfully used in - Consumer electronics, domestic appliances, heating, gas and electrical industries.

Understanding our clients

Benefit from our 300 years combined experience in the supply chain.
Process Review - Skyline Professional
Process Review

Together with our experienced business analysts you benefit from a consultation that reviews your business process with our intuitive software in mind.

Project Management Software
Project Management

With the use of our project management tools over the space of the research and development period we can remotely collaborate on the project development.

Skyline Scalability

Staying favourable with your client base with evolving expectations and technological advancements is impossible if your software package is too rigid to accommodate increased functionality. Skyline allows businesses to scale their software package as and when you're ready for it.

Skyline Account Management tools
Account Management

Together with your dedicated account manager and skyline project management tools, enhancements and potential upgrades can be communicated seamlessly between your own research and development team and ourselves here at Skyline.

Skyline Dynamic Pricing
Dynamic Pricing

Pricing around development and consultations are made on a case-by-case basis as time and project scope varies from business to business. To ensure clarity, we provide clear development pipelines in order to meet the expectations set out by the business and to satisfy our own standards.

Collaboration with Skyline Partners

Close collaboration with our partners in order to enhance our software is what sets us apart from the competition. Whilst we expect an open channel to your business during the development of the software package there is always a door open at Skyline if you want to discuss or be supported on anything software related.

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Software as Standard

Skyline Lite with Pro Technical Support

As a foundation for the software development you receive
the highest level Skyline Lite package with pro technical support including -

All the benefits of Skyline Smart
Remote support
Dedicated support manager
Access to the training academy
Telephone support
Bespoke reporting
A theme specific to your brand
Call-back support
Modular software systems

Post R&D phases, development of the core software functionality will be defined and priced specifically to what your business requires.

Skyline Training Documentation

Naturally, given we are reconfiguring established modules we will document all adjustments and provide you and your business a knowledge base of training articles for reference so training new staff is quick and simple.

Explore Skyline Solutions

We also provide training sessions in your business so the employee's who will be using the system are getting the most out of the software. We want your business to feel the impact of improved efficiency as soon as possible and user education is paramount to achieving that.

Skyline Specialized Services

Business Development, Project Management, After Sales Service Management, Relationship Management, Optimising Workforce Management, Network Development, Returns Logistics Management, Training, R&D, Building/Managing Support/Service Networks, Contract Negotiation, Ensuring delivery to SLAs, Branding/Marketing Aftersales Service.

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Our business analysts and management team are people enthused by business processes working to solve real business problems with real business people; with over 300 years combined experience in supply chain operational design and delivery. We have a proven track record in business development, adding value wherever possible.

In order to open our services up to our clients we have created a consultancy practise allowing clients to benefit from an on-tap resource to support strategic change projects. Whether you are an existing Skyline customer or are testing the service management waters, our consultancy services can be delivered as part of a wider supply project or a simple health check against your current operational model to ensure you are optimising the use of our software.

Optimisation services for pre-existing clients reviews your implementation of our software solutions with a collaborative mind-set aimed at honing your usage of Skyline whilst looking for touch-points where we can maximise optimisation efforts within the software package and methods of usage.

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    Skyline specialist E2E software solutions are designed to meet and exceed expectation within the service supply chain.