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Providing insight and innovation through E2E software and collaboration.

Enterprise Solutions

Skyline is a totally flexible Enterprise solution suite.

A range of interoperable modules have been designed to allow for complete E2E development of the service supply chain.
These can exist as a singular instance around the core service management engine or can encapsulate the entire client engagement process.

Grows with your business

Companies, their proposition and their processes never stand still.
Our systems can never be static in either scale or function and must adapt to all these changes to ensure they continue to optimise and report the critical business processes.

To this end all of our accounts are subject to a bi-annual strategy reviews where current system roadmaps are reconciled to the client's business strategy to ensure full alignment and the necessary planning for change is taking place.


We realise the optimum enterprise software is the foundations for an efficient supply chain.

With over 25 years in the business we have built up a world class partner network of Skyline users that can all contribute to our client's success within the ultimate supply chain design.

From physical field service activity to web design, we bring people together with a common purpose to enhance the client experience.

Enterprise Delivery

Skyline's range of modules have been designed to meet every service supply chain event from service validation to extended warranty resale.
When linked to our KPI reporting dashboards and analytics functions you can ensure full visibility of every supply chain event.
This provides our clients with real time end user journey feedback and optimisation actions.

Skyline consists of 6 main modules -

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  • Modularity
  • Functionality
  • Reporting
  • Our Specialties

Skyline's modularity means it can be introduced into a business is a phased approach and continually developed during the process rather than a 'big bang' switchover with all the potential issues that can bring. This also means our clients only need to take the modules that are directly relevant to their business at any given time. API's are available to interface with existing systems until such time that their functionality might be either replaced with an existing Skyline module or developed as an add on to the software suite.

Skyline's modules incorporate essential functionality such as SMART Diary & Routing Diagnostics Mobile Workforce Management Asset Management Customer Satisfaction eCommerce Service Kiosks Where there is special need for a new functionality or even a complete new module that may not already exist in skyline we can work closely with our clients to define this and build it to your exact requirements.

"Data is everything" but it's what you do with it that counts. Our suite of KPI dashboards and reports give you live information on every aspect of the service supply chain event enabling pro-active management of each step in the process.

Business Development, Project Management, After Sales Service Management, Relationship Management, Optimising Workforce Management, Network Development, Returns Logistics Management, Training, R&D, Building/Managing Support/Service Networks, Contract Negotiation, Ensuring delivery to SLAs, Branding/Marketing Aftersales Service.

We have designed software for after market processes for 25 years.​

Service Delivery Partners

At Skyline we touch many service delivery partners through our client's networks. From helpdesks to field service organisations; these partners form an extended community to all of our clients.

This allows for wider E2E solutions being available within the service supply chain rather than just software. These communities and their delivery competence bring Skyline to life in the field.

Skyline Network

The partner network affiliated with Skyline allows for the efficiencies with service delivery that ensure benefit can be derived from the volume of events.

We have designed software for after market processes for 25 years.​

New Skyline Users

This benefit can often lead to process and commercial benefits being delivered to new Skyline users within their own service supply chain.

Skyline's origins are in ServiceBase. A highly successful software that was launched in 1992 and is used in the majority of the UKs OEM warranty partner base.

long-term collaborative partners

Amongst others count on UTL Logistics, Samsung, Domestic & General, Panasonic and Vodacom a long-term collaborative partners.

Case Study

As our client supply chain has evolved so has our software.
All our innovation is as a result of solving real business problems with passionate business people.

"Together with Bamboo we have created an environment of complete transparency, directly benefiting their clients."





What our clients say about us

” Skyline has been proven to be exceptionally reliable and global support response is immediate when required “

Telegistics (New Zealand)

” We decided to deploy a new workshop management system having previously used ServiceBase in our OEM accredited business; we decided to choose Skyline. Skyline, being a cloud-hosted system offers us that extra edge. To deploy new stores is quick and easy with the ability to draw a myriad of reports depending on our needs. The system display is nice and clean which makes for a happy team who have to look at it all day! “

Apple Doctor (south africa)

“ Domestic & General implemented skyline over multiple phases after an initial Discovery and Design period. Module by module we ensured no big bank surprise and most importantly, a seamless migration from legacy systems. ”

Domestic & General

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Our business analysts and management team are people enthused by business processes working to solve real business problems with real business people; with over 300 years combined experience in supply chain operational design and delivery. We have a proven track record in business development, adding value wherever possible.

In order to open our services up to our clients we have created a consultancy practise allowing clients to benefit from an on-tap resource to support strategic change projects. Whether you are an existing Skyline customer or are testing the service management waters, our consultancy services can be delivered as part of a wider supply project or a simple health check against your current operational model to ensure you are optimising the use of our software.

Optimisation services for pre-existing clients reviews your implementation of our software solutions with a collaborative mind-set aimed at honing your usage of Skyline whilst looking for touch-points where we can maximise optimisation efforts within the software package and methods of usage.

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Skyline specialist E2E software solutions are designed to meet and exceed expectation within the service supply chain.

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