Our Solutions

Our Solutions

Skyline Lite

An Out-of-the box software solution for SME service providers.

Skyline Professional

Takes Skyline Lite to the next level adding module configurability to your specific business process.

Skyline Enterprise

A fully variable software solution reconciling strategic goals of an organisation against current processes designed and implemented through Skyline's collaborative approach methodology.

Skyline ERP Software

Specialist E2E service supply chain software solutions providing
insight and innovation to the service and infrastructure support sectors.

Skyline ERP, 1 Application, 36 Modules, 116 Routines, 1000's of Sub-routiens

Over 400 Customers

Skyline deployed in 6 countries

Multilingual software application

Our systems are used by 92% of CE manufacturer approved service centers

24/ 7 /365 Skyline support services

Over 6m service events processed a year

Working in 6 Industries

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Skyline cloud-based Service Management software solutions has a range of flexible and scalable software, which in close collaboration with its clients ensures its core code can be adapted to meet their specific business requirements, including the operational delivery.
Mobile friendly
It does not matter which device you use! Skyline is fully responsive and works well and can adapt to any device and screen size. You don’t need to worry about your content, all of your texts and images look good on mobile phones and tablets.
Skyline comes with tons of perfect options and it has every features you have ever looked for in other applications. These features offer you to pick different custom info types, add 4 widget areas, and various menus, that make your business personalized and unique. All of these will enhance both user interface and user experience.
Fully responsive and adaptive to all devices and screen sizes
Pixel Perfect
Everything is pixel perfect, so the pages will be sharper
Awesome options for making an unique application with ease
Free Update
Always get the latest updates in your profile page, for free

Service management solutions from small medium businesses to enterprise clients.

Skyline core code remains consistent yet our implementation packages of Skyline: Lite, Professional and Enterprise give total client scalability over project scope and commercials. Our modular approach ensures no 'big bang' is required and legacy systems can be replaced economically and without an operational risk.
For optimum results our Professional and Enterprise offering ensures business process reviews and module configurability/development and business model alignment for Enterprise clients

Understanding Clients

Our business analysts are people enthused by business processes. Upon engagement, discovery phases map out entire the entire customer experience as it exists today and work closely with clients in order to optimise without system disruption or change to the current business model.

The 'as is' model is used to plan a manageable change over agreed project durations between ourselves and our clients.

Skyline has been designed in close collaboration with our clients using our extensive experience gained over the last 25 years. As our client supply chain has evolved so has our software.

Life long relationships

At Skyline we look at our clients as long-term partners. Process optimisation through systems, culture or even M&A activity should not be a one-off exercise. The continual challenging of the optimum key performance indicators (KPI) and seeking change needs to be evolutionary and take place throughout the life-time of the relationship.

All our innovation is as a result of solving real business problems with passionate business people.

Our whole business approach is based on this collaborative ethic.

Core Functionality

Technology and the needs of our customers are never static. To meet those needs, we must take full advantage of new and emerging technologies so we can ensure Skyline service management software can continue to improve your business and operational intelligence way into the future. However, we take the basic digitisation of service management seriously and our core functionality allows any user level to benefit from the following -

Mobile Workforce Management
Smart Mapping
SMS Messages
Interfacing with Finance
Iframe Booking & Tracking
Client Booking & Tracking
Website Design
Stock Control
Support Services
Customer Relationship Management
Digital Services

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Skyline specialist E2E software solutions are designed to meet and exceed expectation within the service supply chain.

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