Customise Skyline Lite to manage your specific business requirements

1. Select your Skyline Lite Version

Skyline Lite product only


£ 50.00 +VAT p/m

  • No Support Cover
  • Always on the latest version
Most Popular

Skyline Lite with Smart Technical Support


£ 75.00 +VAT p/m

  • Email Support
  • Online Support
  • Key Points Training Video’s
  • Always on the latest version

Skyline Lite with Pro Technical Support


£ 100.00 +VAT p/m

  • All the benefits of Skyline Smart Support plus the following…
  • Dedicated Support Manager
  • Telephone Support
  • Call Back Support
  • Remote Support
  • Report Generator
  • Colour Theme

2. Select User Group Size

Up to 5 concurrent users are free of charge
£0 +VAT P/M Select

Please note: Users refer to any employee that will need access to the system i.e. Although your mobile workforce may not access the system directly, if you would like them included in your Diary Management, they will have to be included as a Skyline User.

3. Select Training cost

Sage 50 Accounts Mobile Sales

Full Training Day

Our dedicated Skyline Lite Business Analysts will come to your business to train staff members on Skyline Lite to ensure you are getting the most out of the system.

From £300 +VAT P/M Select

4. Select Additional Modules

Sage Accounts Foreign Trader app

Mobile Workforce App.

Real-time information delivered direct to your engineer and real-time updates delivered direct to your admin team. Eliminate double entry and saves £££££…..

Number of field engineers
£10 +VAT P/M Select
Sage Accounts CIS app

Smart Mapping Module

Visually manage field engineers and optimise routes. Track engineers in real-time and allocate new jobs to closest operative. Display actual visit time and show alert if running late.

Number of field engineers
£10 +VAT P/M Select

Diary Management -

The basic diary allows for generic setup for all engineers. The Advanced diary allows for custom set-up per engineer, Smart Maps use on an engineer, absent diary set-up and engineer notes.

Select Diary type
£10 +VAT P/M Select
Sage Accounts CIS app

Postcode Lookup

Anywhere a postcode and address is required, the interface looks up the postecode automatically from the current Royal Mail Database. Once the postcode is entered into Skyline and the lookup key is pressed, the requested address is then filled out automatically.

Number of Licences x £8 per Month
£8 +VAT P/M Select
Sage 50 Accounts Mobile Sales

Texting Module

Send text messages to any customer from the job update page with customised texts. SMS Text Credits can be ordered in batches of 1000 when required.

£50 +VAT P/M Select
Sage 50 Accounts Mobile Sales

Stock Control Module

This is a fully integrated Stock Control Module that will allow you to Order & Receive Stock and populate Internal and Van Stock locations.

£25 +VAT P/M Select
Sage 50 Accounts Mobile Sales

iFrame Booking & Tracking Module

Integrate a real-time Booking and Tracking page into your website to save on administration costs and to deliver up to date information to your customer anytime they want it.

£25 +VAT P/M Select
Sage 50 Accounts Mobile Sales

Client Booking & Tracking Module

Allow key clients to access your skyline system as if it was their own booking and tracking jobs with a restricted view. Up to 2 logins per client.

Number of clients
£25 +VAT P/Mper client Select
Sage 50 Accounts Mobile Sales

Website Design

We will have your new website up and running in less than 10working days. Our web team will design your site. write & load your content and active all our great new features. Your new site will inspire browsers to purchase your service and will seamlessly integrate with Skyline so customers can book and track jobs online.

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